By Sneha


Yup, the root of my name means love, go figure.  I used to say it means passion, strong feelings, even affection but at the end ladies and gentlemen, in Sanskrit, “Sneh” means love!  So after all these years, I reflect on whether or not my name has had any affect on my personality, or was it just a random choice made by my parents oh so many years ago.

Love vs. hate

First off, those who know me well can say I love with all my heart; equally hate with every fiber of my being.  So I ask myself, how can I hate as strongly as I love?  Or are they truly opposites that can’t exist without the other?  Don’t they both arise out of the same thing: emotions, then we decide whether it’s love or hate?  I know Mahatma Gandhi would be disappointed in me, but is it as natural to love as it is to hate?  I guess the solution to hate is forgiveness, which is always a work and struggle in progress.

Who we love

We all love our family, most of our friends, and some of our relatives but what ultimately determines who we love?  I was raised to always love family, no matter what, but I always wondered why; was it because of blood relations and nothing else?  What about those strangers who stood by us when family left us?  I have grown fond of so many family friends who have loved us (me and my sisters) like their own.  So is it a cultural form of respect?  I propose that’s bullshit.  My family and I have been blessed with so many strangers that have been there when no one else has; isn’t that deserving of love?  So I ask, why is love expected and should it be?  What makes us care deeply for another?  I think who we love should be a personal decision and can be based on almost anything, including but not limited to admiration, respect, ambition, encouragement, intelligence, common interests, humor, physical attraction, mystery, and sacrifice.

So is there a connection?

Brings me to my 3rd wonder; is there a connection between my name and who I’ve become?  Sometimes I don’t think my sarcastic, straight forward, type A personality, I don’t like you attitude is fitting, but after some deep thinking, I guess I let it slip.  I really do love my friends, my parents, both my sisters and a huge handful of relatives with all my heart.  Love is sacrifice, forgiveness and most of all finding your own happiness in another’s happiness and success.  If that is love, then my parents chose beautifully.  I truly believe that Valentines day is another day created for commercial markets to make money;  like my very wise mom says about Mother’s day, everyday should be Mother’s day.  We should shower our loved ones everyday vs. succumbing to society’s demands of buying chocolates and roses on just one particular day.  But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t tell yall that I will binge on chocolate covered strawberries on Sunday.  Here’s to wearing black, eating chocolate and being happy with where and who you want to be this Valentine’s day….cheers (enter martini).

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