‘Meh’rry Regular Day

By Mey



That’s sort of how I feel about all holidays.*

Yes, even Christmas.

I promise I’m not a Scrooge, although The Hubs might disagree when I whine about having to put up the tree, just to take it down in a few weeks.  Why make more work for yourself?

But before you judge, here’s my explanation:

Being Buddhist, I have no true insight into the religious reason of why Christmas is celebrated. Explanations go through one ear and out the other. No disrespect, but I did not grow up attending church weekly or bi-weekly so there isn’t a connection.

Being first-generation American, the first-born child of immigrants, who work 365 days a year (still, might I add), it makes sense that holidays, birthdays, etc. are just another day (because they were).

Valentine’s Day, if a holiday, is included in that description.

And that’s probably why it was so difficult for me to write a Valentine’s Day-themed blog post — I don’t really have an opinion, one way or another. In harsher terms, I really could care less…….

Until now.

Not sure why having Baby O in my life changes things, but I can’t wait to dress her up in a Valentines outfit this Sunday and continue #mamarazzi. I can’t wait until she’s older so I can make a Valentine (or let’s be honest, buy one) and slip it into her bento lunch box. Better yet, introduce her to my love of macaroons! I am excited about taking her to Target and debating which little cards and what candy she wants to get for everyone in her class and helping her write positive, affirming notes for her BFFs.

All this from a girl who did not waste her time to put up a tree for Christmas.

People say that having a child changes things.

Who knew that it meant wanting to celebrate every day (not just holidays) with my little girl?

#newnorm #joiedevivre

*Except Lunar New Year because of all the good food and red envelopes filled with cash money!  Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!

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