True potential, is it a reality?

by Sneha

I propose this as an enlightening insight; and by no means to infuriate but instead to encourage. I know so many talented, skillful and intelligent individuals: friends who don’t realize or indulge in their ‘oh so’ obvious talents; or relatives who feel constrained by cultural demands. Do we aspire to be less than our true potential due to the possibility of failure or is it the comfort that we have already succeeded? Or, is it that society only encourages mediocre success? Worse case, have we completely lost the raw passion, strive and determination that our great intellects, like Einstein and Michelangelo, once possessed?


I write this with the utmost respect for everyone but it’s been a question that’s been haunting me. Personally, I love what I do, but I ask myself, was I meant for more? I had many other goals, dreams and ideas at one point or another that were set aside for various reasons; but has my profession limited those avenues OR have I blindly restricted myself in trying to succeed on one path, my profession? Is that just an excuse I can easily coward behind, or have I failed to prioritize and balance a more meaningful and accomplished life?

It’s a profound and deep question that is more than just one post but it will at least start some of us or at least, me, moving towards a new direction. I’m so proud of the many women I know that have conquered a career mixed in with marriage, travel, success and/or motherhood. These women make me wonder and question my own life as to the time lost and what has yet to be achieved.

Do we prioritize our life and goals based on our own choices or is it what society or the “norm” demands from a successful ambitious woman? Some sacrifice personal growth, lack of adventure or marriage or children, but are we to blame society or ourselves? Sadly, I have been trapped by the norm either by society or culture or worse, religion, so now I promise you that I have re-assessed my goals and even though there’s much to be done, it’s only February. Step one is recognition and acceptance. Step two is much harder. To be continued. Wish me luck.

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