it’s me – Laura

by Laura

I was invited to participate in this blog by one of my besties, P. Of course I said yes because I love her and it sounded exhilarating. Here was a forum I could express myself and the random thoughts that popped into my head. Of course people would want to read it, I’m witty and a LOL kind of girl.

I had a list of topics: My Roomba is the Nanny; Why I Can’t Commit to a Twitter handle (side topic: do they even call it a handle or is that just CB radio talk that I learned from Smokey and the Bandit?); My Child is a Piranha.

Boom. First three (3) topics done.

And then she started up. That inner voice that points out all the flaws:

‘This is just like all the other journals you quit after 2 weeks, but it’s’ on the internet where nothing goes away.’
‘What if your mother-in-law reads this?’
‘What if strangers read this and call you out for your BS’
‘Use a fake name’


And then driving to work it clicked: even if I use a nom de plume or ignore the criticism of strangers (and the silent judgment of mothers-in-law) what I about the women involved in this project? What if I’m a disappointment to them?

I know one of them really well, another only a tiny bit, and the others by name and stories through P only. These women are top notch. They are all well-educated, well-read, literary types. They suggested topics of importance, social issues, world issues, literary, political, life changes topics and here my first ideas were about my toddler and a vacuum cleaner.

Ummm… sure I fit right in. Am I the token in the group? Am I the Mr. Collins to their Mr. Darcy?! (Hey wait! That is a literary reference, maybe there is hope.)

I cannot promise earth shattering revelations here, but I can tell you about my world and those little thought bubbles that sometimes choke the air above my head. The people polluting my Zen on a regular basis include: a husband, toddler, stepson, job, education, sisters, parents, in-laws, and a few very good friends. I also cook, read, watch the tellie, and surf the google.

Someday maybe I’ll discuss Paul Ryan’s ability as the Speaker of the House to (hopefully) reach across the aisle in order to move the government along instead of the constant bickering from both sides. But for now, I’m going to start with a topic I encounter daily: my nanny, the vacuum cleaner….

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